Welcome to Yorkshire Wolds Bees


We have been using Buckfast bees for many years now which we keep and breed here on the Yorkshire Wolds.

All our Queens and bees are produced by us on the Yorkshire Wolds.

We also produce Buckfast Queens for sale as well as National and Langstroth poly nucleus

This year for 2021 we will be selling National poly 6 frame nucleus National 5 frame correx nucleus Langstroth 5 frame correx boxes as well as our home bred Buckfast queens.

If you are new to beekeeping or thinking of starting starting to keep bees I can offer advice and support to help you to get on your new beekeeping journey .

Also available are traditional cedar National  beehives these are the most popular bee hive used in the UK  they are assembled and ready to use, you can order bees and beehive together too get you of to a good start . 

These hives are made from British Cedar and are manufactured in England .