Yorkshire Wolds Honey

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Here on the Yorkshire Wolds our bees enjoy a wide range of flora Spring is the start of the nectar season and this is when our bees work on oil seed rape as well as the local forage. It is this that gives a special flavour to our early season honey.

During the summer months we move some of our hives to pollenate Borage while some hives are left to collect a mixed nectar from local flowers and trees.

After the Borage has been harvested the hives are moved to the North Yorkshire moors for the Heather honey.

We also use the Borage honey and Heather honey to produce our finest cut comb honey. 

This year we will have have cut comb and section Wooden Sections Yorkshire wolds honey for sale this is honey in it most natural state and is how honey was traditionally prouduced in the past .

Bellow shows honey combs frames being filed and capped by the bees

340g Jar Yorkshire Wolds Honey

Honey produced from our own bees located on the Yorkshire Wolds Our bees feed on Wild Flowers Hedgerows and Woodlands All our Honey is 100% Natural and unpasteurised using Traditional methods of extraction ensuring All the natural goodness and health benefits stay within our Honey .